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GDPR Small Business Pricing Options


We understand that your business is 100% of your focus and not one that takes GDPR as the be all and end all of your day to day activities. It is because small business owners have such time-consuming tasks on a constant basis that we developed the simplest means for small U.K. businesses to comply, with the GDPR with the least amount of time and effort possible.

Our documentation set is extensive and adaptable to all businesses across all sectors. It has been developed to ensure that you have all the tools you require, both for the initial establishment of your GDPR program, as well as taking into account of future development of GDPR and other personal data regulations in the future.

What do you actually need to do? – this is a question that arises each time, but in some cases the answers are not clear, due to the E.U.’s Working Party 29 even now still developing definitions and rules in certain areas. In order to understand how the GDPR applies to your business, it is necessary to understand the following structure:

Policies: You must establish a set of documented policies for the handling and control of personally identifiable data for your company;

Procedures: These describe how, in operational terms, your company attains and continues to maintain the policies that you put in place for personal data;

Records: In many cases the policies and/or procedures will require you to maintain a set of records. These may be simple tables to record when records have been deleted, but are essential under the GDPR to demonstrate continued management of your compliance with the law. This sets GDPR apart from the previous U.K. Data Protection Act 1998 in that the onus is now on you to prove that you comply with the new law.


1 hour of on-site consulting, when we will discuss with you, in detail, how your business operates. We require this in order to identify the issues relating to the Articles and Recitals of the GDPR.  Once we have a clear understanding of the functioning of your company, we can then make our recommendations and supply you with the necessary documentation for you to comply with the new law;

A complete set of documentation that will enable you, from day one to initiate, update or progress your GDPR compliance program in as short a time as possible at a cost that is affordable. We provide you with the means to be compliant through delivery of both physical documentation in lever arch files, together with the digital versions on a USB key for you to edit and file (both at the outset and as GDPR evolves and definitions become clearer with case law) – see below for photographs of supplied documentation;

Follow-up email and telephone support to get you up and running as quickly as possible, without distracting from your daily business activities.


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Pricing – Exclusive to Small Businesses with Under 10 Employees

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Option 2

Option 3

Pay in 2 Monthly Installments of £247.50 Pay £145 Quarterly Pay £55.00 Monthly (over 1 Calendar Year)
Total Cost £495.00 Total Cost £580.00 Total Cost £660.00