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GDPR Master Documents List

Document Ref Document / Record Name
GDPR_DOC_1.0 Data Protection Policy
GDPR_DOC_1.1 GDPR Preparation Document
GDPR_DOC_1.2 Data Protection Audit Guidance
GDPR_DOC_2.0 Subject Access Request Procedure and Guidelines V1
GDPR_DOC_2.1 Subject Access Request Procedure and Guidelines V2
GDPR_DOC_2.2 Personal Data Breach Notification Procedure
GDPR_DOC_2.3 Procedures for International Transfers of Personal Data
GDPR_DOC_2.4 Data Protection Impact Assessment DPIA
GDPR_DOC_2.5 Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy
GDPR_DOC_2.6 Consent Procedure
GDPR_DOC_2.7 GDPR Training Policy
GDPR_DOC_2.8 Website Privacy and Cookies Notice
GDPR_DOC_2.9 Information Security Policy
GDPR_DOC_3.0 Business Continuity Plan
GDPR_DOC_3.1 Retention and Disposal Policy
GDPR_DOC_3.2 Retention of Records Policy
GDPR_DOC_3.3 Risk Assessment Procedure
GDPR_DOC_3.4 Collection of Evidence Procedure
GDPR_DOC_3.5 Physical Entry Controls and Secure Areas Procedure
GDPR_DOC_3.6 Responding to Information Security Reports
GDPR_DOC_3.7 GDPR Training Request Memo
GDPR_DOC_3.8 GDPR Document Change Memo
GDPR_DOC_3.8 GDPR Document Withrawal Notice
GDPR_DOC_3.9 GDPR Documentation Issue and Receipt Note
GDPR_DOC_4.0 GDPR SME Information Security Policy
GDPR_REC_1.0 Clauses for Personal Data Transfer Set 1 2001-497-ec
GDPR_REC_1.1 Clauses for Personal Data Transfer Set 2 c2004-5721
GDPR_REC_1.2 Clauses for Personal Data Transfer Processors c2010-593 Set 3
GDPR_REC_1.3 Rationale for a Data Protection Officer
GDPR_REC_1.4 Data Protection Officer Job Description and Responsibilities
GDPR_REC_1.5 Summary DPO Job Description Group of Companies
GDPR_REC_1.6 ISACA GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment Tool xls
GDPR_REC_1.7 Copyright and Reproduction Notices
GDPR_REC_1.8 Disposal Schedule
GDPR_REC_1.9 Example Risk Assessment Criteria for Inbound PID
GDPR_REC_2.0 Example Risk Assessment Criteria for Outbound PID
GDPR_REC_2.1 Privacy Statement Register
GDPR_REC_2.2 GDPR Website Legal Notices
GDPR_REC_2.3 Log of Information Assets for Disposal
GDPR_REC_2.4 User Deletion Request Form
GDPR_REC_2.5 Risk Assessment Process Template
GDPR_REC_2.6 Subject Access Request Record
GDPR_REC_2.7 Use of Email Notice
GDPR_REC_2.8 Master Document and Record List xls
GDPR_REC_2.9 RACI Chart V1 xls
GDPR_REC_3.0 RACI Chart V2 xls
GDPR_REC_3.1 Retention and Disposal Schedule Template
GDPR_REC_3.2 Retention and Disposal Schedule
GDPR_REC_3.3 Consent to Personal Data Processing (Web)
GDPR_REC_3.4 Data Subject Consent Form
GDPR_REC_3.5 Parental Consent Form V1
GDPR_REC_3.6 Parental Consent Form V2
GDPR_REC_3.7 Data Subject Withdrawal of Consent Form
GDPR_REC_3.8 Generic Risk Register Template xls
GDPR_REC_3.9 Supplier Input Process Output Customer (SIPOC) Record
GDPR_REC_4.0 GDPR In-House Training Attendance Record
GDPR_REC_4.1 Information Classification Chart
GDPR_REC_4.2 List of Important Assets
GDPR_REC_4.3 Information Security Incident Register
GDPR_CHK_1.0 Cybersecurity Checklist
GDPR_CHK_1.1 Data Controller Obligations Under the GDPR
GDPR_CHK_1.2 Data Processor Obligations Under the GDPR
GDPR_CHK_1.3 Data Protection Audit Under ICO Guidelines
GDPR_CHK_1.4 Data Protection Impact Assessment Checklist
GDPR_CHK_1.5 Data Retention Policy Checklist
GDPR_CHK_1.6 DPIA Policy Annex Question Areas and Evidence
GDPR_CHK_1.7 Example of Personal Data Inventory
GDPR_CHK_1.8 Examples of Personal Data Identifiers
GDPR_CHK_1.9 GDPR Accountability Audit
GDPR_CHK_2.0 GDPR Audit Checklist V1
GDPR_CHK_2.1 GDPR Audit Checklist V2
GDPR_CHK_2.2 GDPR Breach Response Checklist
GDPR_CHK_2.3 GDPR Compliance Analysis Pareto Chart xls
GDPR_CHK_2.4 GDPR Compliance Assesssment Questionnaire
GDPR_CHK_2.5 GDPPR Compliance Checklist A
GDPR_CHK_2.6 GDPR Compliance Checklist B
GDPR_CHK_2.7 Information mapping Project Checklist Chart
GDPR_CHK_2.8 Privacy Notice Checklist
GDPR_CHK_2.9 Privacy Notice Checklist Under Articles 6 and 9
GDPR_CHK_3.0 Privacy Policy Checklist
GDPR_CHK_3.1 Subject Access Request Checklist
GDPR_CHK_3.2 GDPR Mandatory Documents Checklist
GDPR_CHK_3.3 GDPR Flowchart Basic Checklist
GDPR_IS_1.0 Acceptable Use Policy
GDPR_IS_1.1 Access Control Policy
GDPR_IS_1.2 Data Protection & Storage Media Handling Procedure
GDPR_IS_1.3 Supplier Security Policy
GDPR_IS_1.4 Document and Record Control Procedure
GDPR_IS_1.5 Improvement Procedure
GDPR_IS_1.6 Incident Reporting and Management Procedure
GDPR_IS_1.7 Information Classification and Handling Procedure
GDPR_IS_1.8 ISMS Internal Audit Procedure
GDPR_IS_1.9 Risk Assessment and Treatment Procedure
GDPR_IS_2.0 Security Awareness Procedure
GDPR_IS_2.1 Management Review Procedure
GDPR_IS_2.2 Digital Preservation Risk Assessment and Action Plan XLS
GDPR_IS_2.3 Nonconformity and Corrective Action Report Form
GDPR_IS_2.4 Nonconformity and Corrective Action Log
GDPR_IS_2.5 Disposal Log
GDPR_IS_2.6 Risk Analysis and Treatment Plan XLS
GDPR_IS_2.7 Management Review Minutes
GDPR_IS_2.8 Internal Audit Schedule and Report
GDPR_IS_2.9 Supplier Questionnaire
GDPR_IS_3.0 Approved Supplier List
GDPR_IS_3.1 Wireless Network Policy
GDPR_AUD_1.0 Information Security Management System Supplementary Questionnaire
GDPR_AUD_1.1 GDPR Audit Assessment
GDPR_AUD_1.2 GDPR ISMS Audit Report
GDPR_AUD_1.3 GDPR Auditee Feedback Questionnaire
GDPR_AUD_1.4 Corrective Action Plan
GDPR_AUD_1.5 Audit Report Template
GDPR_AUD_1.6 Internal Audit Report Executive Summary Template V1.0
GDPR_AUD_1.7 GDPR Full Audit Report